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Who we help.

The program at Sunset House is ideal for young adult men, 18 years and older, in early recovery from a substance use disorder, and who are transitioning from inpatient treatment to independent living. 


Inpatient treatment lays the foundation for recovery by providing education, therapy and a baseline of structure that centers around a meaningful life free of drugs and alcohol. A patient’s day in treatment is scheduled with group and individual activities that centered around his clinical care. 


At Sunset House, we are a natural extension of this care, while also building a bridge towards independent living. 


The men who come to us have anywhere from 30 to 90 days of continuous sobriety. After weeks or months at an inpatient facility, they’re ready to experience a little more freedom—which we provide, incrementally.


Sunset House is a supportive place for adult men in early recovery to practice the recovery tools they gained in treatment, while also forging the next stage of their life. 


Our program provides the structure and support necessary for young adult men to maintain their sobriety and achieve meaningful independent living. It’s our mission to see our clients graduate our program as totally independent and well-connected individuals.

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