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Client Experience.

After weeks or months in an inpatient treatment facility, men transition to Sunset House to continue developing their recovery tools while building bonds with other men in the local recovery community. 


The most significant change is their access to the real world. Men are expected to find employment or enroll in academic coursework, develop connections within the sober community, and hone important life skills. They are exposed to all the ups and downs of normal life. It’s the best of both worlds: their first opportunity to practice their recovery in the real world, while still having the support of the clinical staff at Sunset House. 

Community Life.

Sunset House is a great first stop for men fresh out of treatment. We give men a homelike environment with lots of opportunity for fun, friendship, and recovery.


Our primary objective is to provide our clients with an environment that supports their on-going sobriety, well-being and independence, by providing clear expectations for all our clients.


The majority of our clients are at Sunset House with the support of their family—parents and/or spouses—who are eager to see their loved one succeed and enjoy his life again, free from the burden of addiction. 


Sunset House has been a place men have called their second-home for more than two decades. Sunset House is a 34-bed facility in Palm Beach Gardens includes all the comforts of home.

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