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At the beginning of his stay, each client collaborates with our clinical team to create a treatment plan that reflects his current needs as well as his goals for life after treatment. This plan reflects an in-depth assessment and therapeutic recommendations from our clinical staff to help each individual meet his recovery goals, while also accommodating his need to work and his aim of increased independence. 


In addition to any weekly individual therapy recommended by each client’s primary therapist, we also offer three in-house groups. Each of these groups are designed with our client’s long-term health and sobriety in mind. 


On Mondays we offer a large process group. This is traditional group therapy, led by our Program Director and co-facilitated by members of the treatment team, with participation expected from all group members. This is an important opportunity for men to take inventory of their thoughts, feelings and experiences from their new transitional life, to share their concerns and offer support to other men. 


On Tuesdays we offer a smaller caseload group. These smaller break-out groups offer an opportunity to dive deeper into concerns and to confront issues head-on. The more intimate group size helps deepen the empathy and fellowship among the men, a vital practice for their sustained life of recovery.


On Thursdays we offer a spirituality group. This group introduces the men to a variety of relaxation and self-expression techniques, and the men can decide which if any of these to incorporate into their long-term recovery. Content can include guided meditation, yoga, nutrition and art therapy. Activities like these that engage both mind and body help men find non-verbal ways of connecting with, processing and expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences.
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