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The majority of our clients are at Sunset House with the support of their family—parents and/or spouses—who are eager to see their loved one succeed and enjoy his life again, free from the burden of addiction. 


Our goal is to see men graduate from our program with a solid foundation of recovery and return to their normal life with family and friends. 


As the family member of a person in recovery, it is natural to wish to be involved in their treatment and their progress, and our team is fully supportive of that desire. 


We find that men adapt to their new surroundings in more healthy and positive ways when their family gives them a little space and time to settle in both socially and clinically. Once a man has acclimated to life at Sunset House, with a firm understanding of our rules and expectations, our Program Director works with families to create a thoughtful plan for how best to incorporate family and friends into a young man’s life.

Happy Family in Nature
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